The Robert & Mary Strobel Scholarship

The Prospect Charitable Foundation will raise and distribute funds to undergraduate college students through a scholarship fund, which is limited to a charitable class:
Individuals pursuing their education while working at Prospect Airport Services, Inc. in locations across the country. There are more than 6,500 employees within Prospect Airport Services, Inc.. The purpose of the scholarships awarded are for the sole purpose of furthering the recipients’ education. In no way does this scholarship program serve to compensate employees of any company. Instead, being an employee of Prospect is an initial qualifier of the scholarship, but has no significance after the initial round. Applications are sent to an independent, nonprofit organization called The Center for Scholarship Administration (CSA) so that selection and facilitation is handled in an objective and non-discriminatory basis. CSA serves as the independent scholarship selection committee that considers the respective ability, academic merit, educational goals, and career ambitions of each applicant. Recipients may attend an accredited, public or private, two-year or four-year, college, university, technical college or trade school. CSA monitors and supervises the grants to determine whether the grantees have fulfilled the grant terms. The group of individuals in this class is indefinite. That is, the class is open-ended; the total number of potential individuals that the Foundation will help cannot be counted or identified. Furthermore, there are no limitations within this charitable class; that is, there is no discrimination based on economic background, race, religion, gender, and/or other identifying characteristics. Again, to ensure that recipients are selected in an objective manner, selection and administration is handled by a separate nonprofit organization, CSA.